Charter members of Premier Baseball,
the Nats have won championships in

Midwest Nationals Baseball is one of the
top amateur baseball programs
in the country.

2005, 2008, and 2013.

The Midwest Nationals have an unprecedented
record since 2002 of every player that has played
their junior and senior year having the
opportunity to play college baseball.

423 players to date!

70 Nats players

have been selected in the MLB draft including
2014 & 2015 American League Gold Glove Winner & 2015
American League Cy Young Award Winner Dallas Keuchel.

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2017 - 2018 Midwest Nationals Season

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The Midwest Nationals were founded in 2001 by Randy Merryman and Justin Anderson. The organization was started to help the top players from AR, KS, MO, OK achieve their goals of playing college or professional baseball. Since 2001 every player that has played with the Nationals has had the opportunity to play college baseball.


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The Midwest Nationals main focus is to help young men develop positive character traits that will help them throughout their lives. Putting players in competitive environments with teammates, coaches, opponents, and umpires with different perspectives will allow our players put their character to the test. We teach respect, hard work, and discipline. Our organization has a long history of having superb student-athletes on and off the field.


We strive to immerse our players into a commitment to themselves, the coaches, their teammates, and the program. Players are ask to be accountable for their actions and work. The Midwest Nationals will encourage each player to develop a heart of service and putting others ahead of self. Understanding that others rely upon you and that you have an obligation to be mentally and psychically prepared to help the organization in any way possible is a part of our fabric.


Since 2001 the Midwest Nationals have played in the most competitive environments in the country. We seek to play against the best programs at all levels. Our players will compete against the game, themselves, and opponents. Putting players in stressful situations will test their mental and physical skills. Our organization is for players that have the goal of playing college or professional baseball. To make sure that the players develop and are prepared to achieve those goals we must play against other players with the same drive.

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