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Scott Elbert

“Playing for the Midwest Nationals in high school completely elevated my prep career. I received high quality coaching and development while playing at some of the best venues and against the best competition in the country. I was given the opportunity to play in front of both high level college coaches and professional scouts. My experience with the Nationals was both educational in baseball and in preparing myself for life skills. Learning to travel with and play with a diverse group of players better prepared me for my career in professional baseball. It is because of the Midwest Nationals that I have founded an affiliate program (Southwest Nationals) in the Phoenix Arizona area, so that I to, can offer the same product and have a hand in furthering the baseball careers of young men.”

Scott Elbert, 2004 MLB 1st Rd Draft Pick, Los Angeles Dodgers, Midwest Nationals 2001-04

Kyle Evans

“As a member of the Midwest Nationals, I was given multiple recruiting looks which would have never happened otherwise. The Nationals gave me the platform to perform in front of the best college programs, as well as, MLB scouts. This opportunity ultimately led to me being seen and recruited by Dartmouth University. Because of the Nationals, a kid from Springfield MO got the chance to play baseball and get an education in Hanover NH for four years in the Ivy League.

-Kyle Evans, Midwest Nationals 2004-05

David Drake

“People in the area always ask me if the Midwest Nationals are worthy of the hype and worth the money. I tell them they are and there are three reasons why. First, if you think your son has the potential to be a college player it is a MUST to play for the Nationals to get the exposure in front of the recruiters. Second, the money paid goes so much further than uniforms and hotel rooms. You are paying for the promotion of your son to scouts and coaches and the network these guys have to coaches from coast to coast is something that high school or legion coaches simply don’t have. Third, my oldest son played as a senior, my youngest son played as a junior and senior. If it wasn’t worth it, I wouldn’t have had my second boy play for them.”

-David Drake, Father of Brayden 2005, and Patrick 2009-10