The Midwest Nationals are a 501 C-3 not for profit organization. The club relies heavily on donations. For teams to train year round and travel across the country it is very expensive for the participants. In 2013 the organization launched the Ray Merryman Scholarship Fund. Mr. Merryman passed away in 2003. He was the father of Nats founder Randy Merryman and instilled the love of baseball in his son. He encouraged Coach Merryman to follow his dreams and start the Midwest Nationals on 2001. Any player with a financial hardship can apply for a scholarship to help them with the fees associated with the season. The Midwest Nationals Board of Directors will review the requests.

We need your support to help as many players as possible. If you wish to sponsor a specific player you can insert his/her name in the email link mbelow. You can also request a donation acknowledgement letter with our 501 C-3 information for your tax records by contacting us at the email link below. Thank you